Friday, 27 March 2015

Neil Young Computer Age

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Blowing Up Russia - the Necessity of Injecting the Fear of State Sponsored Terrorism


Russian Apartment Bombings (Sept 1999)
False flag
[To justify war against Chechnya and put Vladimir Putin into power.]
[pdf 2002] The Shadow of Ryazan: Who Was Behind the Strange Russian Apartment Bombings in September 1999? David Satter

The Doors Strange Days - Full Album

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Alice Cooper Schools Out (Forever)


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Uriah Heep Look At Yourself


Thursday, 19 March 2015

Roxy Music Avalon

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Linkin Park In the End

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Toto Hold the Line

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Raising the Kursk


Bunker 42 Under Moscow

                                                                                      New excursion "SOVIET RUSSIA"

Tour guide Fyodor Belousov moved through a corridor in the Cold War museum at Bunker-42 on Taganka, located in a secret Cold War-era underground bunker that was designed to withstand a nuclear attack on Moscow.